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released January 1, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Fabulous Downey Brothers Seattle, Washington

Brothers, welcome to our Bandcamp.


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Track Name: China
You remind me of a brown dwarf sun
Sling shot back and round again
Making everything warm

You remind me of a liquefaction
Traction crumblin tumblin in the mud
Right before the storm

You're a lot like a long lost artifact
Full of charts and full of facts
Mayan, druid, or - no

You're a lot like Nostradamus prophecizing
Pointing constellations rising
Like sea levels and snow

[ break ]

You remind me of a theory I heard once
About a swarm of locusts
Overtaking the sun

You remind me of a toxic paradoxic mess
Epidemic mass distress
Making dead of everyone

You're exactly like a rogue comet rushing towards
Atmospheres unknown
Plot and point, but then it's gone

You're exactly like an unforseen catastrophe
I feel it coming right for me
Like the end of this song
Track Name: Orange Starfish
It's a slug on a rug
It's a snail on a rail
Movin slow, don't you know
But it's an orange starfish

Creepy and slimy
Creepy and slimy all out
Slimy all out
Slimy all in

Greasy legs when you're on the stage
Watch your step - the floor is always wet
You're gonna slip and fall down on your hip

Somebody must have
Spilled something slimy
On this lowly carpet
But it's just a slug on a rug

They move in slow when you're not home
They leave a trail when you check the mail
And it might cause you to slip
Track Name: Dr. Poison
can you help me cue I’m feeling right badly
I’m feeling bad cis I’m feeling so fine
pop a pill cus i need a prescription
cut me open have a poke inside

dr poison
I’m broken
dr poison
I’m broken
dr poison
I’m broke
dr pois pois pois pois

I’m high on life but i need an addiction
i need a reason to stay home in bed
a diagnosis prognosis incision
i got a cure need the ill instead

dr poison
I’m hopeless
dr poison
I’m hopeless
dr poison
im dope
dr pois pois pois pois

open up and say ahhh

I’m feeling good i need a second opinion
i got a symptom better check me quick
a hypochondriac without a condition
or a placebo cue its in my head

dr poison
i need more
dr poison
i need more
dr poison
i need
dr pois pois pois pois

ill take two and ill call ya in the morning
you better call me cue i might be dead
psychosomatic and reflexes are perfect
call it contagious but i need to get sick

dr poison
i farted
dr poison
i farted
dr poison
i fart
dr pois pois pois pois

open up and san ahh